What Food to Eat Before and After Training

What Food to Eat Before and After Training

If you as a trainer what is the most important meal of the day, they will say a breakfast. The recommend it as the meal you must have when you get up and you are ready to start the date. Salvosa mma wants to share some valuable information with you about the importance of food after training. Make sure you follow these simple instructions and eat your meals regularly. Never skip a meal, it will cause problems in your stomach.

In fact, when this meal, along with several other components, such as rest and sleep is combined together, you will have a perfectly balanced life that is needed for a healthy life.


The main task of this meal is to enter all the necessary nutrients in the body that are needed for building muscle mass.

The meal that an individual should have after workout nutrition must consist of quality protein source that will quickly be digested into the organism and it will travel much faster to the muscles and you will feel amazing.

Carbohydrates are the most important element that our bodies need after working out. Also, glycogen is an important element when it comes to exercising. It is the most important source of energy and our bodies need it. The glycogen is then transformed into energy that we need to exercise actively for a longer period of time. Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do while exercising. As mentioned above, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should definitely not be skipped. Your breakfast should look like this for example: 2 hardboiled eggs, crackers, tomato and banana. A healthy breakfast that will provide you with all the necessary nutrients your body needs.

Avoiding or skipping meals may actually have a negative effect instead of positive. It is more likely to lose weight if you eat regularly, than if you eat once a day.

Note that it is important to avoid consume a meal right after training. This prevents muscle recovery and increases the risk of injury during these trainings.In addition, another advantage for intake of carbohydrates immediately after training is not good for the body.

In fact, if you eat carbohydrates after training it will cause a strong feeling of fatigue and weakness, so avoid eating such foods. Or at least wait for a few minutes and then eat your meal.

Remember –  do not enter food right after training. It is not good for the body and the organs. How long should you wait to eat a meal after a workout? At least thirty minutes, depending on how hungry you are. Before you eat a meal, you can make yourself a fruity smoothie and then have a meal and rest for a few minutes until the body starts digesting. After an hour, you are allowed to drink water.