What Does Having Ketone Bodies In Urine Indicates

What Does Having Ketone Bodies In Urine Indicates

The human body is a produce various wanted or unwanted chemical compound. This production is caused by various processes which go on inside our body. Ketones are those chemical compounds which are produced as byproducts when stored fat breaks inside our body and produces energy.

You tend to develop ketone bodies in your urine when your body is unable to receive an adequate amount of glucose obtained by the breakdown of carbohydrates, and ultimately the body gets energy by breaking down the stored fat. The increase of ketone levels in the blood is not a good sign.

What happens with your body?

When you have an excessive amount of ketone or ketone bodies in your body, which is present in your urine, you tend to develop a disease called ketonuria. Ketonuria is resulted because of the production of the secondary and inappropriate method of production of energy, inside the body.

Within people having insulin level disorders, ketonuria tends to cause more harm than on a normal human being. Diabetic patients are prone to get this disease more rapidly than others.

How to detect?

This is a complicated task to find out whether you have ketone bodies in your urine or not. Most of us fail to read the symptoms our body shows to let us know that we are suffering from a medical condition and hence remain unaware of it for a long time.

High urine levels of ketone bodies can be detected by using the ketone test kits, which you can buy from a pharmaceutical or medical store, nearby your place. It is advisable to go to your doctor for the conduction of test at the first few times, to get assured about your medical condition regarding ketonuria.

When using ketone kit for checking the presence of ketone bodies in your body, all you need to do is put the dipstick in your urine sample and observe the colour change. You can read the usage instructions present inside the kit you are using.

Consider these Symptoms

When patients with diabetes get this medical condition of ketonuria, it is called diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be life-threatening and extremely severe, if not treated properly on time.

If you are a diabetic patient and observing hot and flushed skin, reduced appetite, abdominal pain, frequent puking feeling and other adverse symptoms, take them seriously and meet your doctor as soon as possible.

Raspberry ketone supplements

It is suggested to ignore consuming raspberry ketone health supplement or any other drug which contains ketones when you are diabetic or suffering from serious heart disorders.

You should always meet your doctor first, before starting the dosage of any health supplement, and when you are having any special medical conditions, this consultation is even more required.