Uses and abuses of Somatotropin

Uses and abuses of Somatotropin

While synthetically produced human growth hormones contributes greatly towards treatment on children and adults it can turn out to be fatal is abused for performance enhancement. The injectable surplus is approved for children suffering from poor growth and other health related issues arising from malnutrition and the like. Some of the common health complications include Turner’s Syndrome associated with genetic disorder in females, chronic kidney insufficiency, low levels of sex hormones, HGH insufficiency or deficiency and many more. However, for adults the same is approved for use during conditions of short bowel syndrome, deficiency of HGH due to pituitary tumors and wasting of muscles due to HIV or AIDS.

But the frequent use of HGH as a performance enhancing drug is not approved by the FDA. Many acquire this supplement in injectable versions from online web stores to use it for off-label purposes. Others prefer to make use of the pills or spray version to increase the natural production of HGH by the body. Most marketers of the growth hormone (somatotropin) claim to provide the maximum possible benefit to the user in reducing fat, restoring biological mechanisms by the body but there is an increased risk of severe side effects due to inappropriate dosage intake.

Estimated cost of HGH

The therapy relating to Human Growth Hormone is quite effective and real but it is not accessible to everyone due to its complicated legal status. Not only are the injectable versions available through medical prescriptions but are also quite expensive to procure. While the average estimated cost is around $10,000 it can rise as high as $20,000 per year depending on the clinic opted for. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult a health care expert to determine the intake level with accuracy considering the purpose for which it is to be used and then place an order.

Effects on Women

The several benefits that Somatotropin provides makes it one of the most sought after compounds in the supplement market, irrespective of whether it is to be used by men or women. The basic reason for use of this compound by women is to shred of the unwanted abdominal fat that can turn out to be a major predisposition to heart disease. In addition to this, the increase in physical strength and muscle mass that comes with this supplement makes it an ideal compound for women. Since females play a major role in the society there is a need to empower them.

The growth hormone (somatotropin) is one of those supplements that make the user look good, feel good and stay healthy. Another major contribution of the compound is to aid in the strengthening of bones and joint by increasing the density of the bone. This can turn out to be a boon to women who are more prone to problems involving arthritis and osteoarthritis after a certain age. Potential users who are looking to make a move in the supplement market with somatotropin should investigate the details of such compound before deciding to take any action.