Safe Head Lice Treatments – Find What the Smart Parents Are Using!

Safe Head Lice Treatments – Find What the Smart Parents Are Using!


When head lice do the rounds, as much as you try to safeguard your kid from getting them the chances are that they’ll end up infected. As much as we’d love to avoid them if at all possible, we will need to keep 1 step ahead and focus on what head lice treatments are all available.

A done deal.

For as long as I can recall the standard means of handling lice and nits would be to operate down to our community pharmacy and get a huge bottle of nit shampoo. Lather it nicely into my son’s hair and give it a really good combing and that must be it!

However, as Bob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a changing” and they most certainly are. The lice are getting wise to those chemicals that we have been using for years to ruin them and those shifty small pests are starting to become resistant to them.

The lice are not the only one’s getting wise to that which we’ve been utilizing. Smart parents have started to take note of what they’re placing onto their loved one’s skin and hair. These shampoos and creams are made of a chemical foundation and the long and the short of it’s; we’re placing pesticide onto our children’s heads!

Cause for concern.

If you’re anything like me you are most likely very worried about all of this. These products have the potential to be toxic for your health and we do not understand what long term effects they might be hiding. We can all read what they comprise of about the label, but do we actually understand what they comprise?

For more than I can recall I have used these lice shampoos purchased through any Austin lice removal clinics believing I had no other choice. But following long boring hours of research that I finally managed to locate some critical choices. The magic of those alternate treatments is that they’re all completely natural products and several of which are available sitting on your kitchen cabinet or on your garden.

Are you mad?

All these are all safe, natural non-toxic head lice treatments made from regular ingredients that anybody can use. Products such as peanut butter, mayonnaise and olive oil. I know it might seem crazy, but these items are absolutely excellent for killing lice.

Nit’s, that would be the eggs laid by the adult lice are extremely hard to eliminate in the hair. They attach themselves on the shaft using a sort of natural cement and they don’t actually want to budge. Simply heat a few white vinegar and massage it in the hair. Following a brief period of time the acidity of the vinegar dissolves the tacky cement helping to maintain the nits attached to the hair and they are easily able to be combed out with a lice comb.

If your child comes home with a wonderful family of louse it may be quite a nightmare to manage. However, a much bigger nightmare is stressing about just exactly what it is that you’re shampooing in their hair to attempt and eliminate them. Having got this far reading my article you’re now well conscious of the possible dangers and potential long-term side effects that having a chemically based product might possess. You also are aware that there are a few safe replacement head lice treatments sitting there at home in your cupboards waiting to be put to work.