Medical answering services can add dollars to your bottom line

Medical answering services can add dollars to your bottom line

Becoming more proficient in your business is an anticipated part of growth and profitability. When it comes to a medical practice, the human element cannot be discounted – patients who are treated by proficient and efficient doctor’s offices are happier and pleased to offer word of mouth advertising that bring new patients to the practice. It is a given that the more productive and time effective a medical practice is, the more it will grow and be successful.

One of the ways a doctor can ensure that this success continues as his practice grows is to take advantage of services that help him stay organized and customer facing. Most practices start small and grow slowly over time. The management techniques that they start with often become outdated and cumbersome as the practice becomes bigger. When this happens, one of two things will occur – the practice will be set back as outmoded management in the office cannot keep up with the demand or the practice will make changes that facilitate the new growth and keep the various departments balanced and strong.

The tasks involved with patient calls and scheduling are many times part of what becomes unbalanced in the office. The staff, made up of essential individuals who each play a role in the patient’s visit to the office, can become overburdened with incoming calls to the office and trying to keep the schedule up to date. This effect is exacerbated when the office is full of people needing to see the doctor who may be actively ill – their illness reduces their willingness to wait for office personnel to see to their needs. This reduces their satisfaction with the practice overall, even if they like their doctor, and can send some patients in search of a new practice.

This conflict can be avoided by using resources like a medical answering service. By taking the burden of incoming calls and appointment scheduling off the shoulders of medical office personnel, and giving them into the hands of communications and organizational experts in the answering service field, the practice becomes more efficient and productive. They have the time and focus for their patients who benefit from that attention and come away with a higher level of satisfaction in their experience.

Medical answering services help the office by taking the majority of the incoming calls and routing them appropriately based on need. Messages can be sent to the medical office thought email or text, keeping the phone lines open for the necessary calls that are routed there. Appointment scheduling can be managed using one system that is integrated with the practice’s calendar so that anyone taking a scheduling call can see and manage appointment setting or rescheduling without a “miss” that could cause over- or under-scheduling.

Patients who are able to talk to someone instead of a machine when calling into the doctor are better served, and an answering service that has worked with the medial office can answer many of the questions coming in without disturbing the office itself. All in all, hiring a medical answering service can make the difference between a flourishing medical practice and one that ultimately fails. Find out more about medical answering services and their benefits at Learn more about why you should hire a professional answering service for your practice here:

Medical answering services can help you save time, money and more. Visit today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a medical answering service for your practice.