Littmann Stethoscopes: Trusted Choice Of Professionals

Littmann Stethoscopes: Trusted Choice Of Professionals

A stethoscope is an accoustic medical device used by medical practitioners to listen to internal sounds of the body. Possibly one of the most widely used medical equipment in the world, Stethoscopes comprise of a resonator and two earpieces. Used widely for listening to a variety of sounds in the human/animal body like- cardiac sounds, respiratory sounds, blood flow veins and arteries etc. In the year 1960s, Dr. Littmann, a doctor at the Harvard Medical College, further worked upon the design of a stethoscope making it more advanced diagnostic equipment which could pick up a variety of sounds of varying frequency- hence giving the world the gift of ‘Littmann Stethoscopes’.

Soon after, 3M acquired Dr. Littmann’s stethoscope manufacturing company and since then 3M-Littmann Stethoscopes enjoy an unmatched status amidst medical professionals for their accuracy and reliability. The range for Littmann Stethoscope price in India is anywhere starting from 7000 INR to 45000 INR, where more advanced electronic models might come at a higher price. Nonetheless, these stethoscopes are worth every penny spent!

Some of the reasons of why Littmann Stethoscopes are the trusted choice of medical professionals are:-

  1. Enhanced Accoustic sensitivity and Added Variety

The accoustic sensitivity of Littmann stethoscopes is quite advanced and it can pick up a variety of sounds ranging from varied frequencies. Littmann Stethoscopes can be used either for basic medical assessments or for detailed diagnostic assessment. Littmann Stethoscopes come in a wide variety, catering to specific diagnostic needs, like Cardiology Littmann Stethoscopes, Classic Littmann Stethoscopes, Lightweight Littmann Stethoscopes, Electronic Littmann Stethoscopes etc.

  1. Tunable Technology of 3M Littmann Stethoscopes

3M Littmann Stethoscopes came up with a unique ‘Tunable Technology’ which was a robust upgrade to the traditional stethoscopes. Prior to this technology, traditional stethoscopes had two different components for picking up high and low-frequency sounds- affecting its efficiency. With the Tunable technology, Littmann Stethoscopes have ‘tunable diaphragms’ which can be either be pressed gently or firmly for hearing low or high frequency sounds respectively. Hence toggling between diagnosis is a piece of cake for professionals.

  1. Adjustable headsets and superior Quality components

Littmann Stethoscopes are a favorite amongst medical professionals because of their precision, accuracy and unmatched quality of accoustics. These Stethoscopes also have an adjustable headset with eartubes that can be adjusted to match any angle, hence providing comfort to your ears and also for uninterrupted, clear accoustics. The chestpieces on these stethoscopes are also resistant to scratches or daily wear-and-tear, making sure you get excellent sound quality every single time.

  1. Unparalleled Quality

It’s a well-known fact that medical instruments are manufactured with great precision. Adding to that, all Littmann Stethoscopes are manufactured in the USA, while other stethoscope manufactures have their bases in Asian countries. Thus, all the Littmann Stethoscopes are manufactured as per the same quality grades ensuring unparalleled precision. Also, another reason why Littmann Stethoscopes are so popular amidst medical circles is for their durability. Some Littmann Stethoscopes come with a 7-year warranty on them.