Bulk up in a short period with Anadrol50

Bulk up in a short period with Anadrol50

A part of the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) steroid group, Oxymetholone is commonly referred to as Anadrol50 which is considered to be one of the strongest anabolic steroids that can be used orally by professional athletes and bodybuilders. The drug has been positively rated by most users, especially when it comes to bulking and is one of the most preferred products in the steroid market when it comes to its versatility. The notable benefits from the use of this steroid include bulking up within a shorter time-span, enhancing the level of stamina, boosting strength and minimizing post-workout recovery and fatigue.

Prevailing market price

Being a fairly common anabolic component in the market, it is not tough to get hold of an Anadrol in the market, if not available at all vendor locations and sources. As with most anabolic components, Anadrol50 can also be produced both in the form of underground lab products as well as pharm grade ones. There is a huge difference in the price and quality between the two and also their purpose of use. However, from a general viewpoint, this substance is fairly priced on the market and affordable for almost all potential users. However, getting hold of the right product can provide outstanding results for female Anadrol cycles without the risk of any severe negative impacts upon consumption.

The price of the pharm grade ones can range from somewhere between $1.30 to $2,50 for a 50mg tablet while the underground research products can be purchased for $0.75 to $2.30 for the same. This huge variation is mainly dependent on the grade of the product, its brand and the source utilized for purchasing it. The dosage measurement for the research grade products can be entirely different from the pharmaceutical ones which is why it is necessary to know in detail about the product to be purchased.

Safe intake by female users

Several studies have been conducted over the years, marking Anadrol as a safe component to be taken by women, though there are some undesirable side-effects like liver toxicity and virilization. Various attempts have been made to try and reduce the negative effects of this substance on women users, but much is yet to be achieved. The dosage intake for this substance on women suffering from muscle wasting diseases is based on the Body Mass Index, i.e. an intake of 1mg per kilogram per day. An average of around 100mg has been seen to be used per day.

Though certain minor side-effects like increased fatigue and hypertension were observed there were no signs of virilization recorded. Breaking up the doses into multiple administrations per day minimizes the chances of adverse impacts on the body to a significantly low level and also ensures the presence of such substance in the system for long hours. Though there is a great deal of confusion and negative reputation of the substance in the market relating to its use by women, it has been recorded to be one of the safest in clinical studies as far as the results for female Anadrol cycles are concerned.