Best male erection pills over the counter

Sildenafil citrate or Kamagra, is a generic type of drug Viagra. It is prescribed to men for ED. While it will not raise your sex drive, and it cannot make you aroused if you are not, it can support you to get an erection if you are sexually aroused. It can be taken in table form. Most men are given 50 milligram tablets, but your doctor will support you determine whether you need a higher dose.

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Erections are caused by the rise of blood flow to the penis. Kamagra works by calming the blood vessels in the penis, so that blood can flow freely into it, but cannot flow back again fast. Kamagra works differently for different people; sometimes it works as fast as a half an hour, sometimes up to an hour. Physicians advised that you should take your dose about an hour before you plan to have sex; though you should not take more than single dose every day. It’s one of the best over the counter erection pills as it just works so well.

As with all drugs, if you are taking kamagra, you should be alert of possible bad effects. Some general bad effects contain headaches, heartburn, flushing, or indigestion, stuffed up nose, replacement in your vision – these can contain viewing things with a blue tint, or common blurriness of your vision. Other possible bad effects are urinary tract infections or diarrhea. Some bad effects are much more rarely viewed than ones above; they contain rashes on the face, sensitivity to shock, light, chills, pain, chest pain, loss of balance, and loss of energy or strength. Other rare but serious possible bad effects are chest pain, migraines, increased heart rate, colitis, low blood pressure, gingivitis, dry mouth, abnormal liver function, heart failure, fainting due to a drop in your blood force, and the production of blood clots.

Kamagra should just be taken as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor. It is intended for just men and has not been approved for use by children or women. If you are taking nitrates, drugs that are used for angina, you should reject taking Kamagra or any drugs for ED. If you are not sure whether Kamagra is right for you, ensure to discuss to your doctor or pharmacist before you take it.


Kamagra contains the same ingredient in Viagra. There is truly nothing new about this product. It is affordable than Viagra but the effectiveness is not promised. Anyway, there is no money back guarantee, and not ample customer feedback on the official site. There are excellent male enhancement products. Although Kamagra has supported some men, it is not promised to work for you.