5 things to look out for when choosing a medical spa

5 things to look out for when choosing a medical spa

Medical spas have gained popularity in recent times with both men and women. Also called med-spas or medi-spas, medical spas are a kind of cross between a traditional spa and medical clinic. They offer the best of both worlds to patients, providing a relaxing spa experience and the expertise typically available in a doctor’s office.

But with the proliferation of med-spas today, how can you be sure you’re checking into the right place for your skin health, massage and body treatment?

One of the first things you’ll notice in a standard medical spa is the soothing environment and the luxuriant treatments, in addition to a focus on complete skin health and wellness.

It is important that you choose the right med spa for your treatment, but with so many medi-spas to pick from, it can be confusing deciding on the right place to get your treatment done. Here are 5 vital signs to guide your choice of a medical spa.

  1. See if there’s a resident doctor. 

Although you may not always require the professional care and attention of a medical doctor during the procedures in a medical spa, it helps that he or she is always available in the clinic. A medical doctor needs to note down your health records and design the right treatment plan for you. That task can also be done by his or her assistant, but a qualified doctor must review it.

  1. Know who is going to perform your treatment. 

Never be shy of asking questions. Remember you’re in a medical facility and you’ll be committing your health and wellbeing into the hands of a specialist throughout the procedure.

It’s important you choose a med-spa that makes you feel at ease and is willing to address your concerns about safety. So, find out who will be performing the treatment, their qualification and their licence status. Also, ask to see before and after photos of their past works.

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  1. Observe the staff and environment.

Before you pick and head out to a medical spa, you should have a clear image in your head of what to expect. A standard medi-spa should look and feel like a hybrid of a luxury spa and a medical office: Clean, relaxing, and staffed by different spa treatment specialists and medical personnel.

Let your instinct guide you as you take note of the facility, environment and staff. Is the surrounding serene and the atmosphere calm? Are the personnel visibly health conscious? Do they regularly wash their hands, use gloves and generally follow sound hygienic practices?

  1. Observe the kind of equipment they use.

What equipment do they use for the treatment you’re going for in the facility? Is it the right one? Is it the latest technology? Is it recently purchased?

The costs of medical spa treatments like laser or skin rejuvenation are high because the equipment itself is expensive. But for the best result and least painful experience, you can’t afford to compromise on quality and technology of the equipment that will be used for your treatment.

Another reliable indicator of quality and performance are the reviews and recommendations of a specialist med spa agency like Escondido Adaptive. So, you can check up there too.

  1. Be cautious about “great deals.”

It’s human nature to always want to seek out the best deals, but sometimes “unbelievable” discounts and offers can be a booby trap, and in these kinds of procedures, even a death trap.

It’s safer to spend a little extra to get the kind of results you’re looking for, rather than risk become seriously ill, getting disfigured or even losing your life from treatments gone wrong performed by unauthorized “medical spas” who use fake drugs and follow dangerous procedures.

On the flip side, you should also avoid emptying your bank account on a “specialist” who isn’t actually qualified or whose certifications don’t match the price. Always review and compare prices to be certain that what you’re paying for is worth the cost.

On a final note, your health and safety must always take priority. So, the right medi-spa for you is the one that has a full complement of modern equipment and qualified and competent staff, where you can enjoy the best skin treatments and massage.