5 Skin Secrets to Glowing Complexions

5 Skin Secrets to Glowing Complexions

No matter what season it is, you always deserve a beautiful, glowing complexion. Certain things may change, such as your choice of moisturiser and cleanser to cater to the needs your skin has during a particular season, but some things remain constant.

Double Cleanse

When the day has come to an end, and it’s time to remove all of the armour, turn to your good ole’ cleanser and don’t stop there. Following a good cleanse, go straight into the bathroom and start scrubbing. Double cleansing is essential for removing makeup and external factors that accumulate and attack your skin on a daily basis.

Apply sunblock and Moisturise

The one single thing all dermatologists can agree on is the importance of keeping the skin from the harms of sun exposure. It really doesn’t matter what season it is; or how old you are, it’s highly essential that your skin feels protected and loved, and the best way to do that is by using SPF 30 or higher. Protecting your lips from the sun is also important, and Aussie women are well-aware of the fact that they along with their lips are not becoming any younger and that is why clinics that provide lip enhancement in Perth are especially popular.

You don’t need sunblock and moisturiser because the cosmetic industry has paid attention and now we are blessed with a massive range of fabulous moisturisers with some serious SPF content, so slather on generously

Preventative Care

Preventative care, it’s never too early to start pampering your eyes. Another misconception is that eye cream is reserved for mature skin, but dermatologists actually highly advise that girls who are in their twenties should pay attention to this particular product. If you want radiant and glowing skin, not all year long, but for many years to come, preventative care is crucial.

Let Your Skin Breathe

For those who have a habit of wearing makeup every day, it’s time to pick a day and let your skin rest. Thick layers of cosmetics kill the natural radiance of your skin. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your skin a rest for at least a day, although a couple of times a week would be even better. On those days, just try to wear moisturiser, some mascara, a bit of blush and some lip-gloss.

Hydration On Your Mind

The thing that stands between you and glowing skin is a lack of hydration. While it’s very important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, to keep your body as well as your skin hydrated, a little ‘afternoon delight’ will do additional wonders. The secret lies in a hydrating mist that you should always carry in your purse and just spritz a little every now and then to give your skin the hydration boost it needs. The best part is that the mist will freshen and dew you up without messing up your makeup.